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If you feel a void, then Love Vipassana is for you.

If you feel lost in life, then Love Vipassana is for you.

If you feel conflicted and divided in two thoughts, Love Vipassana is for you.

If you want to be successful in love & career, then Love Vipassana is for you.

If you are hopping relationships or jobs, then Love Vipassana is for you.


If you have had a series of failed relationships, failed career calls , then Love Vipassana is

for you.


If you have a fear of lonliness, fear of failure or even fear of success then Love Vipassana is for you.


If you’re in search of true love or your soulmate or twinflame, then Love Vipassana is for you.

The Inner Union

When Divine Masculine energies are in union with Divine Feminine energies within us, we call it Divine uinion or the state of
Love Vipassana.


"Men need to integrate the feminine.

And women need to integrate the masculine.

Understanding the divine and toxic play of both energies within.

That will lead them to completion.

That will lead to Love Vipassana." - Shoneeka

Shoneeka- Creator/Author - Love Vipassana

My journey to Love Vipassana.

Last decade was tough. And the decade before that was even tougher. It wasn’t just one tragedy. It was a series of misfortunes. A cobWeb series. I questioned God. Blamed him. Hated Him. But today I understand the conspiracy of the universe. I realise how deeply God loves me. All that happened was to make me tough. It was His one attempt after other so that I catch the bait and integrate the inner masculine and feminine. And also realise the divine and the distortion within. But I failed to go within, despite the triggers. I was lazy. I was comfortable in my beliefs. I was complacent. I was emotional. I was a typical girl, putting the needs of others before me. I was a people pleaser and I was a cribber like an average woman. I was feminine in all forms.  And then, last decade my life situations got crazier. The tests that were thrown towards me needed me to be a different me.

It became a necessity to grow some muscle(inner). To courage up. To say No. To be assertive. To take risks. To be objective despite being emotional. To take decisions for my 'own' good. To put myself first. To integrate my own inner masculine. To protect my inner core. To man up. The more I resisted ‘manning up’, the more I fell. All this meant, fighting with my own egos, my belief system, my conditioning, my patterns, my defence mechanisms, even my friends and family to a point. It meant acknowledging the toxicity within. It meant embracing the dark and the light within. Which is no way an easy task. Being humans, it scares us to go within and see ourselves. And trust me, we are scared of both the dark and the light. The more I suffered, the more I realised I needed the man in me to awaken. I had to protect myself. I had to know me more. And I surrendered.


The more I embraced my own needs, the more safe, secure and joyous I felt. I released toxic friends, work places, relatives, situations, traditions, everything known.

When I emptied myself of all that was depleting me, that created a void. And I filled that void with art, craft, dance, travel & silence. I cooked and I created Zikr(my production house). I trained like a man and climbed the Everest Base Camp and The Annapurna Base Camp. I grooved nonstop to various dance forms and served at Vipassana camps. I started enjoying both masculine and feminine sides of me. I started being more aware of the dichotomy inside me. I explored the unexplored zones of my being. I practiced Vipassana devotedly. And even stole food at Vipassana guiltfree. I owned both my being and the humanness in me. I kissed my flaws and my wounds. Observing them more and embracing them more. I took the power and dependency from the external and gave it to my inner being. 


It is the most joyous state I tell you!

Love Vipassana is born out of this intense love of mine for myself. It is my route map that helped me integrate the oneness within. I don't feel alone now. I feel complete. I have finally found me. My true love. Which will be forever. Till death and after death too. And I am sharing this journey of integration and union with those on the path like me. I see men and women struggling around and living with a war within. Love Vipassana will end this war. It ended the war for me, and I'm sure it will work for one and all. I am not the first person talking about it. Many lightworkers, yogis, holy masters and philosophers have spoken about it in different ways. Because paths are many, but truth is one. I have just simplified it a bit more for people like me to experience it. Love Vipassana is for everyone who is seeking love and connection, who is seeking a breakthrough in career and life, who is seeking good health, who is seeking God.

I am nothing. I am just a messenger.

"Denhaar koi aur hai. Bhejat hai din rain. Log bharam hum par karein, taaso neeche nain." - Rahim.


Energy is the language God communicates in.
Do you understand that language?

We all have been blessed with two energies in us, divine feminine and divine masculine, yogis call it 'Ida' and 'pingla', Chinese philosophers call it 'yin' and 'yang' and scientists call it 'right-brain' and 'left-brain'. When we evoke both energies or realise both within, we achieve yoga, union, complition or Love Vipassana. 

What is Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy?

Divine Masculine is the manifestation of the universal father within us which is pure consciousness. It is all about taking charge, taking action, structure, assertiveness, speaking up for yourself, critically analysing, standing up for truth, setting boundaries, giving a good fight, not just physical strength but emotional strength as well etc. Divine Masculine is connected to our warrior spirit within.
Divine Feminine is the embodiment of universal motherhood in us. When we tap into our divine feminine energy, we make a natural access to spiritual qualities like receptivity, patience, the ability to listen, and the care for all of life. It is all about pause, intuition, being in touch with our sensuality, self care, receiving blessings, knowing ourself and our likes and dislikes, it is the connection to self.

Both genders have Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within, intertwined, but when we rise to their existence and surrender, we experience completion, we call it a Divine union or Heaven or Yoga or Alchemy or Peace or
Love Vipassana. Key to all that we want.

Both genders are in conflict because our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within are in conflict within. We are far from a divine state within, we are distorted and responsible for our own HELL.


“I had an amazing Self Love workshop with Shoneeka. She helped me tap into my inner beauty, my divine feminine within and taught me to express myself.
I feel more confident and beautiful.”  

Neha Singh, 2nd year, Khalsa College

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