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Soulful Testimonials

At LoveVipassana, we believe in the power of soulful connections. Here are some words from our clients about their experience with our soul artist services.

“Self Love workshop helped me to reconnect with my inner feminine energy. I feel more balanced and centered than ever before.”

Neha Singh, 2nd year Khalsa College

“Working with LoveVipassana has been a magical experience. I have manifested things in my life that I never thought were possible.”

Jasmine L., Marketing Manager Hindustan Times,‏

“Shoneeka with her LoveVipassana concept has helped me to embrace my true self and be the woman I am meant to be. I am forever grateful for her guidance and support.”

Chandana, Head of  Himalaya Travels  ‏

“I highly recommend Self Love Workshop to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual journey. Their services have been life-changing for me.”

Amanda, Volunteer at UNICEF NEPAL‏

“LoveVipassana has helped me to tap into my creativity and express myself in new ways. Their soulful approach is truly unique and transformative.”

Megan, Germany‏

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