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Whatever you do, do it with Love.


Shoneeka has been drawn to metaphysics ever since. She is a trained psychologist and has pursued ‘Gnosis, the pathway to self-mastery’ at World Center for Enlightened Living for seven years both as a student and a trained teacher in human & spiritual psychology.  Gnosis is the secret wisdom of humans and ancient cultures, uncovered in this modern age by renowned researcher, author and spiritual master in Central America, Buddha Maitreya Samael Aun Weor. She is a certified chakra healer,  a passionate practitioner of yoga and other healing arts. Professionally, she is an advertising and short film writer, producer and a director. She has worked with leading advertising agencies like FCB Ulka, Ogilvy, Lowe, JWT etc for 20 years on many reputed brands like Samsung, Nestle, Unilever, Hero, Pepsi Co, Whirlpool, General Motors, Maruti, Nokia, National Geographic, etc. And now she works for her own brand Zikr, through which she tells soulful stories.


She believes that every person possesses the magic and power to create the life of their dreams. LoveVipassana is the gift that she received from her intense research on life & her deep psychological inner work. Through LoveVipassana workshops, she helps people understand the true meaning of love (union of divine masculine & divine feminine energies). She helps them tap into their inner wisdom and unleash their full potential through the transformative power of energies within, with simple techniques.


She has been successfully conducting workshops on 'Love Vipassana' in schools and colleges in Mumbai & Delhi.



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